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Datasheet on Lviv

Lviv – Ukraine 

I first came to Lviv in December 2010, I was living in Serbia at the time, always heard the Ukrainian girls were hot, I decided I would visit Lviv as it was the nearest major city to Europe. Spent ten days here, had a great time, got one lay from a perfect breasted young lady called Yuliya. And a few make outs in nightclubs etc, I was on a limited budget at the time so was staying in a hostel.I decided that I would come back to live in Lviv, I felt like a king, I was getting a lot of eye contact from the local girls and they were very friendly. Also the cost of living was very low, around 13 UAH to £1 or 8 UAH to $1. Lviv is also a UNESCO listed city, built by the Polish, very beautiful and charming – this place will be like Prague in a few years.So in June the following year I came back to live, and have been here pretty much ever since.I wont go too much into the finer details of this city, you can find all you need here(history, architecture, etc) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lviv


Beer = 10-18 UAH for 500ml.
Cappuccino: 15-25 UAH
Standard meal in a restaurant = 50-60 UAH
Studio apartment in the centre of the city(Euro Remont) 3000 UAH per month. Or 300 UAH per night.
Entrance to a nightclub 30 – 100 UAH
Double Vodka 10 – 15 UAH
Gym Membership 800 UAH per month( unlimited Gym, Pool, Sauna, Steam etc)

Prices have been on the rise in recent weeks due to EURO 2012. The economy of Lviv is partly driven by coffee sales, there are cafes absolutely everywhere in the centre.

Also Lviv is increasingly becoming a hub for IT outsourcing which also brings a substantial amount of Western visitors, driving prices up.


The girls in Lviv are very pretty, I would give them an 8 by international standards and a 7 by Ukrainian standards.

They are generally very slim, with long hair, they dress very sexy; short skirts and heels. Personality wise they are very sweet, homely, feminine.

I think Lviv is probably one of the best places to find a “good girl” in Ukraine, the type that doesn’t frequent nightclubs, is homely, doesn’t fuck around etc.

They are also quite religious and conservative, there are many churches in Lviv that the girls frequent on a weekly basis. But being conservative does not mean they wont fuck – it’s more a case their slutty intentions are hidden behind a veil of virtue.

Lviv is a University city thus you will be mostly gaming 18-25 year olds, girls get married very young here, if they are not married by 25 then they are an embarrassment to their families. Anything over 25 here we refer to as Milfs.

It’s very difficult to find quality girls over 25 here, most of them are married off, have gone to Kiev, or left the country altogether. So if you see a Milf you like then make sure you check her finger before you hit her with your best game.

The level of spoken English is among the highest in the whole of Ukraine, some people say that you must speak Russian/Ukrainian to have any hope of wetting your end, but I think that is untrue. And I’m living proof of that. But of course it’s a huge advantage here, so if you’re thinking of visiting, then download Pimsleur for Russian/Ukrainian and impress them, it could be the key to your success. If you’re thinking of being here longer term then private Ukrainian/Russian teachers can be had for as little as 40 UAH per hour.

I would say that 70% of girls in Lviv speak some English, 50% speak Pigeon English, and 20% are fluent

You will definitely score more brownie points in Lviv for speaking Ukrainian rather than Russian, I am personally learning Russian as I travel a lot and I can use in Belarus, Russian, Moldova, ‘Stans, and to some extent in the Balkans.


Lviv girls are generally very receptive to being hit on by foreigners,much more so than in other Ukrainian cities. The pace of life is slow, pretty girls are idling around the city, if you stop and talk to them then it’s unlikely you will get a hostile reaction.

I’m very successful at “game” in this country, it’s become a pleasure of mine, but all reality for me it’s not game at all, it’s like how it should be, conversing with lovely ladies without bitchy hostile reactions like in the West.

To give you an idea about me, i’m very tall(almost 2m), slim build(92kg), black hair, blue/green eyes etc. I have done modelling in the past. I also have a Slavic look which seems to do me well, though i’m dark there’s no way I would be confused with a Turk. I have been told I look like David Duchovny, Dr Christian Troy and Mr Bean.

The only Turks that do well ok are the ones with cash that are willing to flash, and even then most of the time they get 7’s at best. Ukrainian girls are mostly racist and would never go near a Turkish guy, as the Turkish/Iranian hybrid Rooshv sadly discovered.

With regard to SNL then you will struggle a bit more to achieve success then other parts in Ukraine I believe. The centre of Lviv is like a village, you can easily be spotted, which is bad for girls, but also for guys sometimes Smile. I get most of my SNL’s at nightclubs, but have also managed a few in bars..

Ukraine is like many other Eastern European countries – no bar scene. I mean there is bars but they are generally small and not conducive to mingling. There are some bars that are good, I will come on to those shortly.

In Lviv the man must be confident, a girl will give you an IOI which means she wants to know you, it’s up to you to move things along. But the more you approach the more confident you will become due to the polite reaction the girls give.

As far as internet game goes, well it’s worth mixing things up a bit and sending out some messages on VK, Mamba and Couchsurfing. Although there is often no need as you can meet the same quality girls in the street.

Oh one more thing, make sure your well dressed in Lviv and Ukraine. get your clothes before you come here, otherwise you will pay way over the odds here. Girls in Ukraine will study you from head to toe to get an idea of what kind of man you are.

I’ve lost count of the amount of guys that come here “dressed like a homeless” and fail, especially Americans. No hiking gear(Merrels, waterproof trousers, fleeces, fanny packs, sweatshirts etc.

I don’t dress like a lounge lizard, but when I got out I typically wear my Designer jeans(Hugo Boss), Boots(G-Star Raw), fitted t-shirt, bomber jacket etc. For fancy clubs I will wear more Elegant Boots(Kenneth Cole, All Saints), fitted dress-shirt(Kenneth Cole), Blazer(Ted Baker) and Overcoat.


Fashion Club

The most salubrious nightspot in town, very close to main square, doubles as a restaurant during the day. Entrance typically between 80 -100 UAH. Drinks are cheap inside. Face control. Thursdays are the best day, free entrance for women 80/20 ratio in favour, male Stripteases to make them wet. Advisable to book a table in advance, or the girls will think you are cheap!. You will find the biggest bitches in all of Lviv here, the sluttiest ones are generally hanging around the bar.

Tip: Enter before 11pm and you pay nothing(only just discovered this alas)

Metro Club

Metro club is a rather shit in most regards, but must be experienced nevertheless. It’s the most multicultural club in all of Lviv, Turkish guys, black dudes, Arabs etc. These guys do not go to to other clubs, as they are generally face controlled away, as I said they are rather racist here.

Entrance is typically 40-80 UAH, drinks are priced ok once in.

They’re a very Western leaning club, they boast 100 thousand likes on Facebook(though the networking site of choice here is the Russian VK.com)

The girls are probably the lowest quality in all of Lviv, but probably better than back home Smile. They are also very young teenagers and very low 20’s. Be careful, I know one guy who snagged a 15yr old there, paid a lot of money to get himself out of that one.

You can check out their website http://www.metroclub.com.ua/ they even have a webcam, so you can peruse the totty before you go in.


Right next door to metro. Very slightly older crowd here, and some older classier guys. Booking/buying a table is imperitive and cheap(50 UAH). Smaller and more intimate than Metro, had some good SNL success here. Cover charge 80 UAH I think.


My personal favourite.

Used to be a Theatre, so a big place with high ceilings. Huge bar to mingle at(uncommon in other clubs/bars). Girls are generally more relaxed and receptive than at Fashion Club. The place has been revamped lately, new sound system, new bar area, better music Etc. Entrance 60 UAH. They always ask for ID for some reason, just say you haven’t got any, they will always let you in.


Don’t go, full of monkeys.


Right in the centre, but also full of uncouth primates.


Another new place. Went once on a Saturday, was totally, dead left straight away


Right in the centre, kind of place for spoilt rich kids, and fat pervy men. very small dance floor, most people just sit around eating.


Big beer hall type place full of Gangsta dudes, and their filthy milfs. never actually been inside.

There are some other clubs like Fenomen, Zanzibar etc. Never had a good experience in either.


Krayivka: Very popular with the tourists, theme bar where one must say the password to get in. Guy with a guy answers the door and asks if there is any Russians with you. Inside it’s a rabbit warren of small rooms, with people eating and drinking. the Ukrainian guys get hideously drunk in here and whoop and holler like the primates they are. Many of the visitors come from the surrounding villages. Don’t eat the food under any circumstances, I have seen rats in there, and been sick a couple of times.

You should try the Medavouka here, which is a honey Vodka

Sadly, though this is a horrible hole in general, it’s the best place to meet women during the week, as everywhere else is pretty quiet. Prices are expensive by Ukrainian standards (24 UAH for a beer!)


Kinky bar in memory of the creator of Masochism.

The girls in here dress in strange outfits(not so sexy) and randomly spank the visitors. Soft porn video showing on TV’s, sexy music, red lights. I have had good success here. It’s all about getting the right table as with many other bars in Lviv

House of lamps

Supposedly the first gas lantern was created in Lviv.

Again full of village dwellers, very poor logistics, good music and the food is ok


New place, a cocktail bar where people dance also, akin to something you’d find in London.

Free entrance, face control mercifully.

Predominantly a hipster crowd, some cute girls, but more men than you will find in other places.

Ok that’s it for now, if I think of anything else I will add it.

I’m very glad to meet foreigners in Lviv, all of my friends here have girlfriends/wives so have problems with finding a suitable wingman